The Benefits of RA Mud Flaps are Far Reaching

When shopping for custom STI mud flaps there are several factors to consider. Durability is always at the top of the list. It does your car little good to throw on an expensive set of flaps only for them to rip off at the first sign of trouble. Depending on where you live, pliability is also a concern. In areas where the temps can fall far below freezing, rubber and plastic have a tendency to harden or worse, curl up. These issues are not uncommon for sport compact drivers. And that is what makes UR mud flaps such a popular option. All of the attributes you are looking for are present. The best part is that UR mud flaps are available for some of today’s most prolific performance models.

The first point of interest is the material. UR mud flaps are made of urethane. Rally Armor formulated their own compound that is intended to offer a high degree of flexibility. This is an important area of development. High flexibility not only promotes durability, but it is resistant to dynamic fluctuations in temperature. It works like this. With typical rubber guards, the material reacts to the air. If the air is warm or hot, the rubber will be bendable. When the temperature drops to freezing or below, rubber hardens. This inconsistency can lead to damage in numerous ways.

Rubber that has become extremely stiff due to cold is more vulnerable. The edges curl, which makes the area of coverage compromised. But it can also lead to fractures. Tiny cracks gradually appear. If the temperature is consistently cold, that is not a huge problem. However, when the temperature rises, those cracks corrupt the structural integrity of the product. The first time there is forcible contact can lead to a rip. That is precisely what UR mud flaps are designed to protect against.

Maintaining a consistent basis of protection is crucial. What makes UR mud flaps special is that regardless of temperature, they perform the same. Even in sub-zero temps, they still have a pliable consistency. The edges will not fold up or curl. For performance car owners who reside in areas where there is a cold climate, it is one of the most important Rally Armor benefits.

Of course, most drivers want UR mud flaps to protect the tires, panels, and wheel wells. This is another aspect to their effectiveness. For instance, many Impreza STI owners enjoy messing around on off-road tracks or driving around in tightly packed snow. When tires have to find grip on these kinds of surfaces, the treads have to do more work. The tires kick up the snow or gravel, which means that whatever sediment is being kicked up finds its way on and around the car. What is worse is when in addition to the snow, drivers have to contend with rock salt. Rock salt can do damage to the fenders and undercarriage that is tough to recover from.

UR mud guards relegate all of these occurrences as a non-issue. When the car is in motion on virtually any surface, the tires and panels will stay much cleaner than before. Mud is often responsible for a lot of the damage that is common to off-road enthusiasts. It is wet, sticky, and when it dries can be a hassle to get rid of. UR mud flaps shield the lower exterior from mud. On top of that, thanks to the urethane material, it is easily washed away at your first opportunity.

Finally, you also get protection against “curbing”, which is when your car is pulling out of a driveway or away from the curb. For lowered vehicles this is often a major hassle. This is how generic or OEM mud flaps become damaged the most. Once again, the flexibility factor comes into effect. UR mud flaps are not rigid, so they do not get stuck on a curb or any other fixed disturbance. Whether you are pulling the car forward or backing out, the flexibility allows for the flap to move with the motion of the vehicle.

Another trait drivers want is style. Rally Armor mud guards are form-fitting, promoting a more aggressive look. A big part of that is due to the design. What separates Rally Armor mud guards from other options is that they are specific to your vehicle. You can adjust how far they come out in certain instances, but either way, the fit is exact. This helps Rally Armor mud guards deliver a sleeker look in relation to the body.

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