The Benefits of Caliper Covers Include More Than Just Looks

Caliper covers are more than just style

The appearance is what lures them in. Come on…like you haven’t just stopped on a dime once in a while and noticed them. They are easy to see, peering underneath someone’s wheels. The truth is, you’re not alone. Caliper covers have become one of the more popular exterior upgrades for performance freaks and the look is reason number one. But the funny thing is, along with that flash of style comes other perks you may not have been paying attention to.

Let’s talk about putting them on. Installing a set of MGP caliper covers invites several benefits. Many drivers are interested in dressing up their brakes, especially if they have purchased aftermarket wheels. The trend of putting on larger rims has increased the popularity of using a set of caliper guards. Why? Because with wider wheels the calipers are much more visible than on standard stock wheels. However, some luxury and performance automakers include wide diameter wheels stock, as well. A common pastime for car owners has been painting the calipers. However, that can be an arduous process that is often not worth the amount of work it takes.

It takes some wrench-pulling to paint a set of brake calipers. You cannot just take a brush and paint them through the rim. Instead, you have to remove the wheel, the rim, and then finally, the clamp itself. For some vehicles, it can take several hours before you are even able to re-install them. It is necessary to thoroughly clean not only the part, but the entire wheel, also. The right type of paint or powder coat has to be applied, as certain paint types are not conducive to the surface of the components. MGP caliper covers take away all of the hassle. Instead of being forced to engage in a lengthy cleaning and painting procedure, you can be finished in a fraction of the time.

Perhaps the most poignant attribute custom caliper covers have is their ready to install appearance. There is no prep work necessary. Unlike painted calipers, these come ready for immediate installation onto your car. There is a lot of time saved, as you will not have to go to your dealer or favorite auto shop to procure the necessary paint. And of course, you will not have to lift a brush or spray can. These bad boys are coated in the paint color of your choice. Another added dimension is the engraving process. This gives motorists the ability to choose from many different inscriptions including the name or make of their model.

It does not take nearly as long to install caliper shields as it does to paint the OEM part. As we discussed, in order to paint the calipers, you will have to uninstall them, paint, and then re-install. It can take up to a full day’s work to do it right. That is not the case with MGP. When you receive your set of 2 or 4, it will come with lug nuts and clips for you to do it yourself. All it really involves is removing each tire one by one, popping off the rim, putting the caliper guard on, putting the rim back, and that’s it. Many drivers report that it takes about ten minutes or thereabouts per wheel. You can be finished in less than an hour. Yes, less than an hour. For the whole car. Sound good?

One of the more discussed traits of MGP covers is their ability to stay cool while also providing a layer of protection. It has been proven numerous times that caliper guards act as a heat sink and can drop the temperature of the calipers by approximately 40 degrees Fahrenheit. This is due in large part to their material. Instead of being made of a heat-absorbing substance that raises the overall temperature of the area, MGP caliper covers are crafted out of 061-T6 aluminum. This grade of aluminum is recognized for its penchant for maintaining a reasonable temperature regardless of braking conditions. Owners of performance or racing models especially appreciate this, given their driving habits.

A common complaint auto enthusiasts have is that their brakes and rotors accumulate dust and debris. It can be a frequent occurrence if you often drive at high speeds or in warm climates. Dust can attach to the surface of the area and over time, actually contribute to wear and tear. Caliper guards go a long way towards protecting the vicinity from unnecessary damage. They act as a barrier between your brake clamps and debris. Because they are given a top-quality powder-coated finish, any dusty buildup will either fall away on its own or can be cleaned off in mere seconds.

If you have been looking for an additional way to decorate your wheels, MGP caliper covers are an attractive, durable, and easy way to do so. Painting the area can bring about a host of issues that take extra time and money. Plus, MGP will customize to your exact specifications. They are also available for more makes and models than ever before.

So you see, you thought it was all about style. That it was all about “the look.” And you’re not far off. How your car dresses is certainly an important part of the equation. But if you’re willing to dig a little deeper, you begin to realize that this customization is about more than just fashion. There’s more to the story. And the story starts with giving your calipers a line of protection that just so happens to add a cutting-edge, aggressive fashion statement.

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