The 3 Letters To Remember For Caliper Covers: MGP

Black MGP caliper covers

The secret behind MGP caliper covers is what they provide. A personalized accent on your wheels and a quick installation are among the primary benefits. In years past, throwing on caliper guards was a common occurrence for racing fans and performance enthusiasts. Outside of that niche group, you didn’t see them much. Times have changed and nowadays, brake calipers have become mainstream.

It is as much about the location as it is the style. For most aftermarket wheels and even stock wheels, a vehicle’s brake calipers are visible through the rim. The calipers are similar to a clamp that resides on both sides of the rotor. MGP brake covers are installed over the face of the caliper to offer both a custom look and improved protection. And since the area is exposed to heat, debris, and moisture on a continual basis, this layer can make a difference. That’s because they enact a high-grade aluminum surface that defends the wheels and calipers from taking on excess dust and grime.

Of course, the main reason drivers want them is because of the fashion implications. MGP offerings come in a wide variety of choices. You can find sets inscribed with the name of your vehicle’s make, model, and even sub-model. All engraved caliper covers feature the work of high-tech CNC-machining. This process ensures that the markings are precise and deep without compromising the surface of the product. If you would like, you can even seek custom engraving on your painted car calipers.

Currently, you can find MGP caliper covers stock in either a red or matte black powder-coat finish. The reason why it is red and black is because those are the two colors chosen the most. However, MGP can match your car’s OEM color or any other color. Just hit us up, tell us what you need and we’ll do all of the leg-work. Don’t worry – we love doing it!

Installing brake shields is a user-friendly task that can be accomplished even by those with limited automotive knowledge. Depending on your vehicle, your MGP caliper guards are either stud-clip or slot-clip. You will receive the necessary installation hardware that is specific to your wheels. In essence, all you will need to do to do the install  is remove each wheel one at time, insert the caliper cover, and put the wheel back. Is it easy? Yes. Is it worth it? Definitely. Will your car look like it belongs to a serious driver who knows how to customize? No doubt about it.

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