Talking About Invidia Catback Exhausts and What You Need to Know

An Invidia N1 catback exhaust is designed to be a performance exhaust that improves horsepower while also delivering an aggressive sounding tone.

Using aftermarket modifications to enhance exhaust performance is a very common practice for drivers who want more out of their vehicles than the stock configuration is designed to deliver. Invidia is a company that specializes in producing custom exhaust parts for drivers who race or own performance compacts or sedans. Invidia N1catback exhaust systems run from your car’s catalytic converter all the way to the back where the exhaust tipsreside, hence the term cat back. The reason why an Invidia N1 catback exhaust system is considered an upgrade over factory exhaust components is because it releases air restriction. Restricted air hampers horsepower by limiting the ability of exhaust gases to move through the pipes. With this pathway clearer, engines get more oxygen because the leftover gases have a place to go.

What an N1 cat back exhaust system will be able to do is allow trapped air to be released properly through stronger, wider pipes. Once the air and gases begin to move freely, your engine gets a dose of fresh air that unlocks some extra horsepower as well as an improvement in fuel economy. That is what makes a racing exhaust system important for competitive drivers.

OEM exhausts are suitable for everyday driving but they lack efficiency, often due to crimped aluminum tubing. N1 cat back exhausts are stainless steel that is mandrel-bent. The pipes cannot be crimped or bent in any way. And thanks to a wider diameter, N1 cat back exhausts are also able to usher more air in and out along with delivering a deep, roaring sound.

Another feature of N1 cat back exhausts is the resonator. Each Invidia cat back exhaust comes with a resonator to dampen the sound that comes out from the pipe. However, a resonator also assists with fuel efficiency and emissions by reducing rattling of the chassis.

N1 cat back exhausts by Invidia are available for most high-profile performance models including the Acura RSX, Honda Civic, Honda S2000, Mitsubishi Eclipse, and the Toyota Celica. Check our listing to confirm availability for your car.

Each Invidia N1 exhaust comes with a gasket, all necessary hardware, a silencer, and installation instructions. It is recommended, due to state laws, not to remove the silencer to your Invidia N1 exhaust unless driving in off-road or regulated racing capacities.

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