Take The Pressure Off Your Joints with Step Pads That Provide a Leg Up

An improvement in functional design is what makes Latitude step pads unique.

For most applications this is a modification predicated upon length. Typical pickup running boards perimeter the side of a truck from wheel to wheel. While effective, there is more space being used than is necessary. Latitude step pads concentrate more on feet placement, utilizing ergonomic angles to offer an easier climb into the cabin. Instead of a narrow streamlined runner, you get a concise place to find your footing. This is especially helpful to truck owners who are tasked with multiple entries and exits out of the vehicle per day. If your truck sees a lot of activity, latitude step pads bring more efficiency and comfort for every situation.

You can tell by the shape. The first thing you may notice with latitude nerf bars is the individual steps. They protrude out on a downward angle with a heel/toe pad on each step. In between the doors, latitude nerf bars run straight along the perimeter. There is not a bar that gets in the way. The placement of each pad is lowered to make stepping on the latitude nerf bar quick and easy. This all but eliminates the need to stretch your leg to hop up. Even shorter drivers will find it faster to climb aboard. Latitude nerf bars also allow you to load items into the cab or reach your roof rack in a much safer manner.

Overall construction of the product is meant to be extra tough. Lund manufactures Latitude side steps from one of two materials: 304 stainless steel or mild steel. The reason why two materials are used is due to the finish. You can select a pair of latitude side steps in either stainless or black powdercoat. In both cases, the finish is meant to promote resistance to potential damage due to corrosion and wear. In turn, they are intended to last for many years. In fact, each set of latitude side steps comes backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

Installation does not necessitate cutting or drilling into the side of your pickup. Lund aftermarket sidesteps feature mounting brackets that use pre-drilled factory holes.

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