Sweet Lund Rock Rails Make Climbing Up Nice and Quick

Combining cutting-edge style with hardcore toughness, Lund rock rails give trucks a sleek advantage in security. It is a distinctive separation from the accessories of yesteryear. Instead of showing off a narrow rectangular board, Lund rock rails provide a dashing, low-profile step that provides both protection and improved accessibility. You do not have to drive a super duty diesel in order to qualify for this part. Lund rock rails are manufactured for a variety of today’s most popular truck models.

The primary objective here is stern defense. Rock rail sidesteps are designed to prevent rocks and debris from damaging the lower body of your truck. Even small pebbles can cause dents or scratches, and scratches can lead to premature rust. Rock rail sidesteps are installed on the side of your truck at the bottom where most of the action occurs. The benefits are far-reaching. Drivers who like to go off-roading have more protection once their vehicle is given rock rail sidesteps. But even truck owners who reside in cities or industrial areas will see less superficial damage done to their rides from curbside debris. Rock rail sidesteps are a versatile application regardless of where you do your driving.

Toughness is a prerequisite for this modification. Any kind of exterior truck part has to be able to handle turbulent weather along with contact. Rock rail running boards are made of mild steel that can handle all types of weather. It is also strong enough to withstand the constant pounding your feet may provide. The steel also contributes to the finish. The rock rail running boards given a black powdercoat. It goes on the steel surface smooth, enacting a coating of protection that prevents rust and corrosion. Of course, black rock rail running boards deliver an edgy, custom look, as well.

One thing to consider is how they go on. These are modular nerf bars. That means they can be added to (or subtracted from). You can choose to mount one single step to the side of your truck and if there is space available, add another one later on. It is a versatile attribute that is different from other custom replacement nerf bars.

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