Swap OEM Shocks for Gas Struts That Deliver More Comfort

The goal of Excel-G gas struts is to revive the drivability of the OEM suspension. After 50,000 miles, the suspension system becomes worn. The constant travel over different road surfaces and going from incline to decline can take a toll. Excel-G gas struts are designed to reinforce your car’s overall stability without delving far away from the original factory parts. Instead of portraying a level of stiffness more appropriate for motorsports, you can enjoy the same smoothness you had before. They are also not just for cars. Excel-G gas struts can be installed on compact trucks, as well.

KYB has been a provider of suspension components to automakers for several decades. When they are manufacturing their line of aftermarket gas struts, they are using the same concepts and materials as the factory. That is how the brand is able to offer a part that closely resembles the OEM. The aftermarket gas struts are popular because they keep the same basic design structure with the exception of various improvements, such as more sensitive valves. The sizing is the same as well as the application fitment. This is an advantage for drivers, especially when it comes to installation. Switching out factory suspensions with KYB aftermarket gas struts is easier because no modifications need to be made.

While the intent for KYB is to replace the stock shocks, many drivers report a higher degree of firmness, depending on the vehicle they own. Most car owners report that KYB replacement struts bring more stiffness. This is most notably prevalent on models such as the Subaru Legacy and Honda Civic. However, that opinion differs for trucks. Reviewers who drive models such as the F-150 and Silverado claim that KYB replacement struts give their trucks a cushier ride, especially on inconsistent terrain. The weight of a vehicle obviously plays a role in how the suspension will perform.

Although aftermarket gas struts are sold individually, it is recommended to purchase in pairs when it is time for a replacement. Using worn shocks on one side can cause the vehicle to favor in that direction, resulting in accelerated wear. When placing all new struts on both sides of a car or truck (or both back and front), the suspension stays even, thus significantly improving handling.

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