Super Effective Tein Suspension Springs Rule the Performance Aftermarket for a Reason

The ultimate in aftermarket suspension components is designed and manufactured by TEIN springs. They produce more types of lowering springs and coilovers than any other company on the market and have been doing it for an extremely long time. Their lowering springs come in a few different styles that will give your vehicle a more aggressive stance and increase handling so you can drive comfortably over any type of road surface. TEIN springs also have the ability to be used with factory shocks so they are literally a plug-and-play auto part.

Lowering springs are the number one upgrade to increase performance, handling and comfort which is a lot of what factory springs do not provide. Lowering springs are designed to lower your car’s center of gravity so that your vehicle can handle better and also preserve tire wear. The unique gold and green color associated with TEIN lowering springs makes them stand out and every car enthusiasts or extreme tuner will know what brand they are based on the color. The two styles of lowering springs are available for pretty much any car on the market and they make a perfect fit for your specific application.

TEIN H-techs and TEIN S-techs are the two styles of lowering springs that are designed to increase handling and decrease body roll. They are both built with progressive springs rates which allow for versatility for the car and the lowering springs will provide comfort and performance over any road surface. They are also extremely affordable and durable to provide your car with handling and performance for a very long time. The lowering springs have an anti-corrosion coating on them so they will not rust and degrade your performance.

The TEIN H-techs are entry level lowering springs that lower the car approximately 1 inch depending on your application. They do not require the use of an aftermarket shock and your factory ones will work just fine. These coil springs actually designed and tested on North America and not outsourced to an off-shore company so the quality you are getting is very good. For those who are looking for a bit more aggressive stance but want to maintain a quality ride at a reasonable price, the H-tech lowering springs are your best choice.

The TEIN S-techs are lowering springs that offer a bigger drop than the H-techs and can lower your car more than an inch and a half depending on the application. They will get your car closer to the ground and give it a lower center of gravity so you can take turns quicker without having to worry about tire wear and body roll. Body roll plays a huge role in the factory suspension so when you upgrade to lowering springs, you will notice that most of it is gone. These can also be used with factory shocks, but they are going to wear out faster than if you were using OEM coil springs.

Both of these lowering springs include rubber silencer which makes them extremely quiet and noise-free. Most aftermarket springs tend to squeak and squeal a lot because they are made from cheap materials. TEIN makes sure they are silent over every type of road surface and will not create a noisy and uncomfortable ride.

Whether you decide to go with their lowering springs or coilovers, their suspension components are designed to last an extremely long time and provide comfort. They will not sag more than 5mm over the lifetime that they are on your vehicle so once they settle, that is the ride height your car will be at for many years. They also include a 1-year warranty against noise, sag, defects and damage to the coil springs under normal conditions. Once you have experience the ride quality and comfort of their lowering springs, you may want to check out their adjustable coilovers for even further tuning for your race or street car.

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