Stylish, Durable Radiator Shroud Offers Engine Bay Convenience

Throwing a GrimmSpeed radiator shroud on gives you the ability to work in the engine bay while resting your tools close by. If you own a Subaru and like to make adjustments, you know what it is like to have to pay attention to where wrenches are. Sometimes they inexplicably fall through the cracks. A GrimmSpeed radiator shroud holds them in place for you whether you are changing the oil or installing an intake. On top of the convenience, you are also getting an attractive custom look. GrimmSpeed radiator shrouds come in black, red, and silver for those searching for something extra that stands out.

The most important aspect is neither the convenience nor the look. Impreza radiator shrouds are also designed for efficiency. If you pop the hood of your vehicle, you will see there are gaps showing at the surface of your radiator. Air constantly escapes from these holes, adding unnecessary heat. GrimmSpeed designed the Impreza radiator shroud to close the gaps up, allowing air to flow through in higher volume. Sport compact drivers who enjoy pushing the pedal benefit the most from this feature. With air being properly distributed by the Impreza radiator shroud, the engine bay stays cooler longer.

Because it is to be installed in the automotive engine compartment, toughness is crucial. Impreza radiator shrouds are crafted entirely of 6061 aluminum. This grade of aluminum is a well-known alloy containing both silicon and magnesium, which gives it excellent strength in automotive applications. After being initially molded, the aluminum radiator tray is then shaped using an in-house leveling mechanism. This is how the area where the tool rest resides is created. GrimmSpeed did not want to put welds on the aluminum radiator tray so it would present a flatter surface.

Finally, the coating is put on. Each aluminum radiator tray is finished with a durable DuPont coat. The surface is resistant to scratches, smudges, and corrosion. If engine oil or another substance finds its way onto the GrimmSpeed radiator tool tray, you can simply wipe it right off

This part fits several models but is not universal. The Subaru radiator guard is compatible for Impreza, WRX, and STI versions 2008 and up.

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