Sturdy Xtreme Rack Tubes Offer a Creative Measure of Defense

You can choose Xtreme rack tubes in the configuration of your preference. This is nice custom option available for drivers because it allows them to set up their rack how they want. Xtreme rack tubes are more for overall appearance than they are structural integrity, but there is an added strength benefit. It also depends on what type of style you are looking for. If you would like, xtreme rack tubes can be layered up to three times for an aggressive statement that other truck owners notice.

While this part is geared towards fashion, the toughness of the material does matter. Go Rhino corner tubes are constructed of 3” diameter steel and shaped concisely to fit your xtreme truck rack. There is an important reason why steel is the material used. The structure of the truck bed rack is steel, and a weaker substance would not provide the same level of support. Go Rhino corner tubes showcase the same genuine automotive steel as the rack, so not only does the material match up, but they do provide robust joints for the cross bar to rest on.

One of the chief attributes you have at your disposal is the layers. You can set up Go Rhino corner tubes in single, double, or triple layers. Drivers looking for a more refined look may stick with a single layer application. Truck owners going for both durability and attitude often opt for triple Go Rhino corner tubes. There is a certain element of creativity involved. If you have other parts on your truck, then you can select the xtreme rack accessories that match your existing style best.

With the cross bar and uprights being black, the tubes can present a nice contrast. Xtreme rack accessories come in three separate finishes, allowing you to choose tubes that add an accent. Black powder coat can be chosen to match the scheme of the Go Rhino xtreme rack. But if you are looking for a more fashionable flair, triple-nickel chrome and polished stainless steel finishes are available also. Xtreme rack accessories with polished steel finishes are backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

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