Strong, Lasting Control Arm Bushings Are Worth Your Attention

Maintaining comfort and handling with KYB control arm bushings is not difficult. There are several reasons for that. Unlike generic replacement suspension parts, KYB goes for a complete OEM design. This reduces any risk of deviation in the action of the suspension. A part of that is due to strength. KYB control arm bushings use high quality material for maximum toughness. Another aspect of their performance is longevity. Because of the environment where KYB control arm bushings function, it is important that they can sustain durability despite the heat.

Control arms have a lot of responsibility. Although simple in configuration, their job is pretty sophisticated. They allow for vertical suspension movement while maintaining camber, or (dis)placement of the wheels. Since the part is constantly being taxed, control arm dampers play a vital role. Cutting out stress at the joints and reducing noise are their main obligation. In order to accomplish this, KYB uses high density rubber to make their control arm dampers. When the arms stress there is a cushion in place to eliminate grinding. This is critical. Without control arm dampers, your car would rattle loudly before the suspension ultimately fails.

Standing up to heat, dust, and wear is always a priority inside your suspension. Rubber control bushings have to be able to withstand constant warmth in addition to movement. KYB aims to upgrade the OEM dampeners in this regard. The type of rubber that the brand uses does not deteriorate. Before they are boxed, the rubber control bushings are tested to ensure that they will not demonstrate any signs of heat vulnerability. For vehicles that operate in turbulent conditions, this is an important quality.

These rubber control bushings are manufactured for everyday vehicles. The intent of their design is direct-fit. You will be able to install them without having to trim off of the edges. In some cases, the rubber control bushings can be used for vans or larger vehicles, but most of the models they are applicable for are cars. Place your order according to exact year, make, and model. KYB replacement dampers are sold individually.

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