Stop Tech Rotors Ooze With Quality

Car brake rotors play an important role in slowing the any vehicle. Sudden stops and constant braking are sometimes needed. StopTech rotors provide the driver with confidence when slowing the vehicle down. Their rotors are created using some of the highest quality materials found today. StopTech rotors are the leading manufacturer for both aftermarket rotors and factory replacement rotors.

Aftermarket rotors can increase performance and provide longevity. StopTech Aero-Rotors are a great upgrade from factory brake rotors. They can be had in slotted or drilled. Slotted and drilled rotors have an advantage over factory rotors. Slotted rotors dissipate heat and enhance the vehicle’s braking power. StopTech Aero-Rotors are produced in a two-piece design which allows the two components of the rotor to work independently. StopTech rotors are lighter than factory rotors by up to 8 pounds. This can shed 32 pounds off the car when adding StopTech Aero-Rotors on all four corners. Drilled and slotted rotors also release debris that may be built up on the pad. Debris can lead to vibrations and decreased stopping power. Snow and salt will not be a problem for the StopTech Aero-Rotors. They have a zinc coating which is protects against any contaminants.

For a sportier look and feel, StopTech Sport Rotors provide increased braking power with an enhance appearance. Car brake rotors aren’t just for performance. StopTech Sport Rotors work great with aftermarket wheels. Aftermarket wheels can sometimes open the view of the vehicle’s brake system. StopTech Sport Rotors have a machined look that will stand out. These rotors can be had in drilled, slotted or drilled and slotted. The inside and outside of the rotor’s hat is finished with a black coating to prevent against corrosion and look great as well. All StopTech Sports Rotors are designed to increase braking power and handling.

If slotted rotors or drilled rotors aren’t for you, then StopTech centric premium rotors are for you. These automotive brake rotors are a one-piece blank design. The blank rotors mimic that of the factory rotor giving it the same appearance. Centric premium rotors are also designed with a black coating to protect against corrosion. This is crucial for some of you who live in cold climates and experience heavy winter snow. Salt will eat away at the factory rotors rather quickly. Centric premium rotors are much more durable than the vehicle’s factory rotors.

For extreme high performance and heavy duty vehicles, StopTech cryogenic treated rotors are available. These brake rotors are much more durable than the other StopTech rotors. Cryogenic treated rotors are put through a stress relief process to strengthen the part. The rotors are heated up to 300 degrees, and then cooled to below 300 degrees. This process increases the rotor’s life and prevents any cracking that may occur from aggressive braking.

StopTech brake pads are designed for use with their specific rotors. StopTech brake pads can be had in a number of styles depending on the user’s needs. These pads are perfect for either factory brake calipers or big brake kit calipers. All StopTech brake pads are low noise and low dust components.

If your vehicle’s brakes need a complete overhaul, check out the StopTech sport kit. The sport kit consists of a complete brake system setup. It includes rotors, pads and stainless steel brake lines. This kit combines StopTech sport rotors with street performance pads and a quality set of their stainless steel braided brake lines. The kit will greatly improve performance and replace the rusted factory brake rotors. StopTech street performance pads work in conjunction with their sport rotors to increase stopping power and decrease any possible brake fade.

High powered vehicles need high powered brake systems. StopTech big brake kits are some of the most sought after kits on the market today. StopTech big brake kits combing their larger rotor with a larger caliper to replace the factory brake system. Big brake kits give the vehicle a supercar feel and provide increased stopping power. Adding all those performance parts to the engine will put stress on the factory rotors and calipers leading to cracking. StopTech big brake kit is a quality upgrade for any high performance vehicle.

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