Step Up With 8mm Ignition Cables from Magnecor

Able to fit a wide range of applications, the Magecore electrosports series 8mm ignition cables are a step up from their 7mm ignition cables and are able to handle more voltage that your ignition system supplies. The electrosports 80 series cables can handle 500 F of heat and will not melt under these conditions. They are perfect as OEM replacement ignition cables and fit right into the factory cable holders.

Switching over to Magnecor ignition cables will permanently eliminate bad fuel mileage, decreased engine performance and corrosion you get with other spark plug cables. The carbon core of these Magnecor wires is what makes them different than race wires. Race wires have wound wires that make up the core, which perform much better on high performance vehicles with aftermarket ignition systems.

When EMI became a problem, Magnecor wires were one of the first to design their wires to suppress this. EMI was being picked up by antennas and car radios, which was causing various problems for owners. Magnecor ignition cables suppress this problem better than other aftermarket cables as well as OEM spark plug wires. The 8mm ignition cables will last much longer and are able to be cleaned to prevent any corrosion.

The electrosports 80 series cables are designed for the latest engines with computerized engine management systems and also for older engines with carburetors and mechanical fuel injection. Not only are automotive engines great candidates, but so are marine vessels and commercial vehicles. Pretty much anything with a combustion engine can and will benefit from Magnecor spark plug wires.

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