Steel Kicker Bed Bars Have It All

The job of Go Rhino kickers is to support the rest of your bed bar configuration. Behaving like struts, these steel tubes present an angle that extends from the bed floor towards the roof of the cab. Go Rhino kickers can be mounted on the bed in several locations including behind or between the wheel wells. Once bolted in, they are strong enough to support the tubing for the rack and offer cargo support. You can tie items such as loose camping gear and beach accessories to Go Rhino kickers to keep them stable.

Comprised of stainless steel, these truck bed bars are both tough and enduring. There needs to be a heightened level of strength for the job they are designed for. Truck bed bars made of a lesser material might betray stress at the curves or at the flange where they are bolted in. Steel provides an adequate amount of strength and is also resistant to both corrosion and rusting. Crafted from 3” diameter tubing, the Rhino bed kickers are thick enough to handle the weight of multiple bars. There also no exposed welds to worry about. Go Rhino specifically designed the truck bed bars to be welded for extra durability and so there are no vulnerable bends at the angles.

Installation requires several tools for a DIY application. To put in your truck bed bars you will need a 9/16” wrench, a 7/32” Allen wrench, a drill, and a 7/16” bit. It would also be helpful to have a pencil. Before beginning, survey the area where the bed bar kickers will be located. Make sure there is adequate clearance. Mark all drilling points correctly. From there, simply used the included hardware and bolt in the bed bar kickers. To eliminate metal-on-metal contact, Go Rhino provides plastic tube covers.

Some drivers install bed bar kickers as much for style as they do utility. There are three finishes to choose from for most truck models: Black, chrome, and polished steel. You do not have to choose the same shade as your cargo roof rack, although some truck owners will mix and match black with chrome. For off-roading pleasure, a light strip can be added to the top of the truck roll bars for auxiliary lights.

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