Stainless Steel Mini Cooper Exhaust Tips Offer a Stylish Profile

Looks and attitude make Alta dual tips a common customization for Mini Cooper drivers. Part of the reason has to do with the factory package. Off the line, Mini turbo models sport standard pipe endings that blend in with the rest of the undercarriage. For enthusiasts interested in standing out, that is not enough. Alta dual tips offer a more noticeable and aggressive back-end visual. The tailpipe becomes more pronounced, promoting an individual touch other Mini drivers will pay attention to. Plus, they are simply a higher quality part. Alta dual tips are made of authentic stainless steel for durability, longevity, and finish.

A big part of it has to do with the manufacturing process. Mini Cooper dual exhaust tips are intended to offer a wider, more racing enthused look. To make that happen, Alta measures out the tubing in line with the factory specs for a proper fit. After that, Mini Cooper dual exhaust tips are crafted from authentic 304 stainless steel. They are then mandrel-bent for precise angle and sizing. Mandrel-bending also ensures that the Mini Cooper dual exhaust tips retain their structural fortitude. This helps them stay dent-free in case of incidental contact with debris.

The brushed steel finish Mini Cooper dual exhaust tips come with plays a role in two ways. First off, it presents a gleaming, classy accent. It pops out from the color of the vehicle’s body. And that is the main reason they are a popular addition to an Alta dual exhaust system. However, the finish combined with the material also offers an edge in protection. Along with the brushed finish, the stainless steel that the Alta dual exhaust system is made of allows for better security against rusting and corrosion.

For some Mini Cooper turbos, you can buy the tips separately. However, Alta dual exhaust systems come with them already built in. Combined with the wider diameter of the piping, your car exhaust setup will run smoother and deliver a louder, deeper sound when you rev the engine. For both racing fanatics and custom hobbyists, it is a modification that becomes a priority. You can find this along with other Mini turbo exhausts by clicking on your make and model in our store.

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