Stage 1 Clutches Promote Strength and Quality

The Spec 1 clutch is the ideal replacement clutch kit for stock vehicles and vehicles with moderate performance upgrades. This performance clutch kit is perfect for replacing your worn out factory clutch or if you need a stronger clutch to transfer the added power. It is not too strong to the point of wearing out your leg and it will improve your vehicle’s ability to handle more power.

Each Spec clutch kit comes with the needed items for installation, not included some various hand tools. A high performance pressure plate, clutch disc and a bearing and tool kit is all included for the proper performance of your Spec clutch. The Stage 1 clutch kit is for specific vehicles only and designed to replace your current one for a perfect fit.

Quality is also gained when upgrading to a Spec performance clutch. The clutch disc is made from high carbon materials that can handle the added heat and not deform under extreme conditions. Cheap automotive clutch kits can warp and become useless, while also damaging your vehicle’s clutch and driveline. This performance clutch will last longer than OEM and is the best choice for daily driven vehicles.

Some Spec clutches must also be used with a Spec flywheel and cannot be used with any other aftermarket flywheel because it simply will not fit. The Spec steel flywheel is the perfect match for this Spec clutch kit and will allow your drivetrain to handle additional torque. This Spec clutch is perfect for all types of driving including pulling, autocross, drift, drag and street.

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