Stabilize Your Impreza with a Chassis Brace

Bolting in a Perrin WRX strut brace helps with firming up your ride for hitting tight corners. It does not matter if you are interested in autocross or just want better handling around the neighborhood, a stubborn chassis has to be accounted for. The Perrin WRX strut brace enacts increased tightness to support the tower struts, reducing excess flex. You will experience less roll hitting sweeping turns on the track, allowing your car to stay constant without having to over-adjust. For this reason, an Impreza chassis brace is a common upgrade for professional racing models.

At high speeds or on challenging road courses steering response is paramount. The suspension’s weight is transferred to the tower(s), which can bring understeer and body roll. A Perrin WRX strut brace protects the vehicle from flexing, that way you do not have to overcorrect the steering. This happens most frequently on modded cars in a competitive environment. When at WOT without an Impreza chassis brace, drivers are forced to adjust for turns quickly, sometimes in an unsafe manner. The racecar will not have proper stagger coming out of the corner or bend. An Impreza chassis brace promotes the ability stay tight for more balanced braking and up-shifting.

This modification is applicable for street driving. Proper WRX chassis support helps in residential areas just as it does on racetracks. Although you are not able to drive at high speeds, stiffer handling can help on gridded city streets or sudden exit ramps. When driving responsibly, a Perrin strut brace makes for a safety upgrade for everyday motorists.

Tough material is a necessity for this part. Perrin strut braces are crafted from 4130 chromoly steel. After being cut, the steel is tubed and bent on a mandrel. Mandrel-bending is how the Perrin strut brace is able to display a precise shape and fitment to mate the strut towers. The feet are comprised of aluminum that has been pressed with heat for added durability. Once locked in, a Perrin strut brace will stay connected, even after years of hard cornering.

There are two finishes to choose from. Perrin strut tower bars are powdercoated in crinkle red and wrinkle black. You receive everything you need for installation. All aftermarket strut bars come with hardware and instructions. You also get a 5 year warranty.

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