Spotlight on Hyper Flex Bushings by Energy

Each Energy Suspension bushing had their patented chemical formula of polyurethane which is called hyper-flex. This is the most advanced technology that can be found in automotive bushings which blows away rubber with no contest. Energy Suspension hyper-flex performance polyurethane allows flexibility along with durability, while being offered in different strengths from soft to firm. Energy Suspension bushings will benefit any vehicle by allowing it to handle better and keep its alignment.

By using these polyurethane bushings, you will allow your vehicle to perform at its best since rubber bushings cannot keep up. They fail quicker and wear out faster from road debris and weather conditions like snow and rain. Your suspension bushings come into contact with road debris daily and they must be durable to maintain the vehicle’s handling and comfort.

The hyper-flex bushings are perfect for all types of applications including restoring an old vehicle, building a custom vehicle or simply replacing your worn factory ones from years of abuse. They last longer and can handle additional horsepower if needed. Adding performance auto parts to your vehicle will only increase the wear it puts on your suspension bushings and will make the car not handle as well. Upgrading to polyurethane bushings ensure that your vehicle will still handle properly no matter how much power you add.

It also improves the appearance where Energy Suspension bushings are used. They come in both black and red to accent the look and make your vehicle stand out, something OEM rubber cannot do.

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