SPAL Is More Than Just Cooling Fans

SPAL fan accessories include things like hardware mounting feet and wiring harnesses to make your installation that much easier. Most OEM replacement cooling fans do not need any SPAL accessories because they are just mounted in the existing fan shroud. But, for SPAL cooling fans that are custom and universal, SPAL mounting feet will be necessary as well as some other wiring components.

SPAL cooling fans can be customized to turn on and off with a SPAL temperature switch. This switch is designed to turn the automotive cooling fans on at 185 degrees and off at 165 degrees. SPAL accessories are made from stainless steel which is rust-resistant. The temperature switches can be used with those engines utilizing aluminum heads.

SPAL accessories are needed for time where users are building custom engines or they are mounting the fans in a custom location on a current vehicle. Mounting brackets fit perfect on each SPAL fan and can be manipulated to mount anywhere. These brackets provide versatility for the user to use the cooling fans as either intercooler fansor oil coolers, too.

SPAL wiring harness kits also include relays that could be needed sometimes to transfer power in order to kick on the cooling fans. You will have to run the harness to the location of the SPAL fans in order to make it turn on, since the OEM thermostat is only for the main engine cooling fans. The harness is hooked up easily and runs off of 12 volts.

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