Spal Curved Blade Fans Keep Engine Bays Nice and Cool

SPAL curved blade fans are available in many sizes including both small and large fans to accommodate any type of application. Curved blade fans move less air then straight blade fans, but they are much quieter. Noise level could be a concern for someone who drives their vehicle daily under normal conditions. High performance vehicles do not really need to worry about fan noise level since their exhaust is probably much louder than the fan.

The curved blades are the best cooling fans for vehicles that drive under normal conditions and do not need excessive cooling. Air is always flowing into the front of the engine bay while driving, but sometimes it is just not enough. Driving at low speeds or sitting idle for a while in traffic will cause the engine cooling fans to turn on. SPAL fans are electronic and are very easy to install along with their wiring harnesses.

You can also use this SPAL fan with their fan controller, which allows you to turn on the fan when you feel it is necessary. This is more for custom vehicles and those users who have unique engine setups. SPAL cooling fansrun very efficient off either 12 volts or 24 volts as well, depending on the specific model.

SPAL cooling fans can be used as radiator fans, intercooler fans or oil coolers due to their versatility. It is recommended that you choose the biggest size that can fit your application so it will receive the best air flow.

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