SPAL 12 Volt Blowers Offer a Ton of Benefits

Choosing a Spal 12V blower gives you several options in both function and design. You do not have to wait to until it is necessary to replace your OEM blower motor, as many use Spal products to instantly upgrade to a more efficient unit. Inside their selection of 12 volt configurations you will find different motor speeds and sizes available.Spal 12V blowers come in 1 to 3 speeds with most using a single-wheel. They can be used to move air from either the front or rear of your vehicle, depending on the application.

One of the key features every Spal 12V blower has is a wheel that does not make a lot of noise. This is helped by the radial fan blades inside the motor. The blades rotate forward inside the rugged housing. Both the efficient movement of the motor and the louver of the centrifugal car blower allow the air sound to be muffled as it travels. It also does not matter what speed you have it set to. If you are using a Spal car AC blower at the highest speed, it will still not be loud enough to interrupt a conversation inside your vehicle.

There are different airflow options available for a variety of automotive HVAC systems. Centrifugal car blowers are rated in CFM, which stands for cubic feet per minute. Most in the Spal catalog rate between 240 and 320 CFM. Before you select your centrifugal car blower, you should consult your OEM car manual to check specifications. Base your selection on your needs. Because single wheel ac blowers have different ratings, they are adaptable for most HVAC requirements.

Another major quality you can count on is durability. Spal car AC blowers have long life motors that are designed to last longer than your previous factory unit. In addition, the motors are encased inside the louver and are invulnerable to moisture and dust. Upon installation, you will not have to worry about debris getting inside of your Spal car AC blower and inhibiting its production.

Spal has been a leader in automotive cooling solutions for over 50 years. Both drivers and automakers trust their products for their high performance and value. Spal car AC blowers are among the most widely-used in the industry and are applicable for most vehicles.

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