So, About Your Car’s Cup Holders…

The inside of your cabin is a place where you should always be comfortable. It’s important. Whether that means reaching to your right for a cup of coffee or grabbing a CD to throw in the disc player, these items can’t be far away from you and they also cannot cause a distraction. Pilot has you covered with a great line of Car Cup Holder Organizers and Drink Holders that make it easy for your interior to stay mess-free.

Nowadays, drivers have so much going on inside their vehicles. There are smartphones, navigation systems, keys, drinks, coins… you probably have some of these items in your car as you’re reading this. It’s important to keep everything in one place so they do not become a disturbance or worse, a safety hazard. Pilot Console Drink Holders keep everything in one centralized location to give you easy access whenever you need it. Check out the Pilot Contractor Console, which is a console drink holder featuring an oversized (adjustable) beverage holder that can handle bottles and cups of all sizes while also acting as your own personal organizer. Not only does it hold your drink along with your keys, tools, coins, and devices, but it has a padded arm rest, too! This is one of the premier car cup holder organizers on the market and is a universal fit for most vehicles.

Looking for something a little more specific for your truck or SUV? The Pilot Automotive Center Console Car Beverage Holder is manufactured to rest either in the center console (as the name says) or on the bench seat. It can actually be used in the backseat of a car, also. You won’t have to worry about it staying safe and secure, as this console drink holder features a belt-tightening strap for an ultra-strong fit.

Cup holders for cars and trucks are used by every driver. It is always a good idea to keep this place organized and tidy so you can enjoy your road trips even more. UltraRev carries console drink holders and cup holder organizers for vehicles of every make and model.

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