Sleek Black Genesis Snap Tonneau and Why It Is Worth Your Time

Keep belongings in your truck bed safe and secure with a Genesis snap tonneau. One of the primary benefits of owning a truck is the bed. Most drivers use it to transport work equipment, tools, and other types of gear. But leaving it exposed can lead to damage. A Genesis snap tonneau easily protects items in the truck bed from becoming victimized by the weather or rough travel. It is a simple operation that makes a big difference. Many times, items such as hammers, shovels, and buckets can rust when left outside. Installing a Genesis snap tonneau ensures that moisture will not ruin any of your tools or gear while adding a nice custom look.

This product acts as an alternative. A permanent hard shell bed top can be difficult to move. A snap on tonneau cover offers a more accessible way to get to what you need. If you are the kind of truck owner constantly making trips to the bed to retrieve tools, this represents an increase in convenience. The snap on tonneau cover features a “seal and peel” system that enables you to quickly undo it in times of need. It is also just as fast to put back. To close up the snap on tonneau cover just seal it back together on the rails.

The level of durability is very high. Each snap on tonneau cover is made of tough vinyl that presents a texture similar to black leather. It is resistant to tears and waterproof. That is very important. It does not matter what kind of weather you encounter, you will not have to worry about rain or snow penetrating the Lund tonneau cover. Just as crucial is fitment. When it is closed up over the bed the Lund tonneau cover contours to the exact measurements of your truck.

Installation is not difficult. The Lund tonneau cover is manufactured for specific makes and models. The mounting components include the clamps and rails you need. It is just a matter of lining up to the rails and then clamping everything in place. All in all, the Lund Genesis top installs in about a half an hour.

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