Shore Up That Jeep Grille With Custom Toughness

What a Smittybilt grille saver is for is defending your truck’s front-end from potential hazards. It is common for trucks to come in contact with various types of debris when traveling down the road. It is unfortunately also not unusual for errant shopping carriages or bicycles to encounter a truck grille when the vehicle is parked. Smittybilt grille savers provide a sturdy stainless steel shield that takes these concerns away.

The place where a Smittybilt grille saver installs is in the lower half of the grille and extends down to the middle of the front bumper (depending on truck model application). This placement is ideal, because most of the action a truck sees is in this general area. Whether it is leaves, sticks, stones, or even mud, the Smittybilt grille saver will block it from entering the truck grill space and causing a problem.

Of course, the attribute that makes a Smittybilt grille guard so desirable for truck owners is its construction. Smitty uses stainless steel which is shaped into a tubular design. Coming in at 3″ thick, it presents a formidable line of defense that conforms to the front. You also receive a skid plate with your Smittybilt grille guard. The skid plate curls down below the guard to provide an additional layer of protection for your bumper. For truck owners that like to go on off-road jaunts, Smittybilt truck grill guards come with predrilled holes so you can install spotlights or fog lights. This is important for a lot of drivers, because there are other brands of aftermarket truck grille guards that do not have this feature. For some folks, not having pre-drilled holes is a deal-breaker.

When looking to purchase an automotive grill protector, it is important that the level of quality not only meets your standards, but is also up to the tasks you are going to use it for. Most drivers who become interested in installing a truck grille guard want one because they go off-roading or enjoy the great outdoors in general. If this is your story that means your hauler is at risk more often than most vehicles. Smittybilt can be trusted to deliver high quality craftsmanship and fit you can rely on.

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