See What Weapon-R Air Intakes Can Do For Your Performance Beast

Street legal performance parts must go through various stages of testing and approval in order to be qualified. With global warming and so many trying to protect the Earth, vehicle emissions play a big role in today’s world. Most automotive aftermarket parts are considered street legal, but there is also many that are not.

Performance air intakes are a common upgrade for most car enthusiasts. Usually street legal, the engine’s intake system provides a more efficient way of sucking in air. Weapon R intakes are completely street legal and CARB- approved. This approval goes out to all the consumers living in California. CARB is California’s Air Resource Board. This group is in control of motor vehicle pollution. The Weapon R intake system passes both the CARB and Clean Air Act. The Clean Air Act was introduced to control nationwide air pollution. The reason for California having their own regulations is because the board was introduced before the Clean Air Act. The whole idea behind preventing emissions is to control its effects on the environment. As drivers, some of us are not concerned with how much emissions our vehicle creates. Hybrid vehicles are becoming more and more popular. Other than being CARB approved, an aftermarket performance part like the Weapon-R intake must be considered as an original equipment replacement. If they are not considered an original equipment replacement, the part must be tested and approved that it will not increase the vehicle’s emission output. Cost is a factor in having the performance part approved as well. The company creating the product must dish out numerous amounts of money for the product to be tested. This creates in increase in price for the automotive part.

Weapon R intakes are some of the lowest prices in the industry. High prices aren’t just for the manufacturing company. As consumers, if a part is bought and installed on the vehicle and does not pass emissions, it would be money thrown down the drain. Making sure every performance part installed on the vehicle that is street legal is crucial. With the way the economy is today, money cannot be wasted. Automotive performance parts like electronics and cam gears cannot be considered fully street legal. All aftermarket performance exhausts are actually CARB exempt because they do not effect vehicle emissions. The car’s exhaust is meant to carry out the various gases the engine promotes. Noise pollution should be considered on any aftermarket exhaust. Too loud of an exhaust and the police will be all over it. Some states are more strict than others. The Weapon-R intake and exhaust system they produce promote a deep tone and will not attract any type of law enforcement. Performance parts will also not void the car’s manufacturer’s warranty. The Magnuson-Moss Act was developed to prevent any dealership voiding the warranty unless they prove it is related to the aftermarket part.

Fuel economy will likely be boosted with a Weapon R intake as well. Emissions and fuel economy go hand in hand when talking automobiles. With gas prices so high these days, we all take into consideration how many miles to the gallon a certain vehicle gets. Heavy duty trucks and SUVs tend to get less miles then smaller cars. Automotive manufacturers have been creating smaller, more fuel efficient engines. Weapon R intake system can increase gas mileage anywhere from 1 to 5 more miles a gallon. This can be a great upgrade. Just think of going from 20 miles a gallon to 25 miles a gallon with just adding the Weapon R intake. For an inexpensive performance part, the benefits are great. Fuel is even more expensive for those vehicles needing premium or diesel. Fuel economy was never a major concern years ago. Rising oil prices have made for rising gas prices. Other than the Weapon R intake, this company also produces other performance parts that will boost gas mileage. Performance exhausts will add a few miles to the gallon as well. A Weapon R aftermarket exhaust will open up the more-restrictive factory exhaust. This results in the engine becoming more efficient. When a car part becomes more efficient, this relates to increased gas mileage. Small cars will have the most improved gas mileage. Typically, a smaller car’s engine is underpowered and takes a lot to move the car. The small engine will benefit from a less-restrictive exhaust from that of Weapon R.

Aftermarket performance parts give the engine a boost in horsepower as well. The Weapon R intake system can provide anywhere from 5 to 20 added horsepower depending on the vehicle. The Weapon R intake system comes in many different styles, too. The dragon intake, NEO Ti intake, secret weapon intake, and ram air intake are some of the products they have available. The dragon intake is crafted using mandrel bent aluminum with hang TIG welds. The Weapon R intake also includes their Dragon filter which is their most-known product. The NEO Ti intake is very appealing to the eye. The aluminum tube has a unique titanium finish to it that has different color patterns. The titanium finish is big in the car enthusiast’s world. The ram air kit is designed to provide the coolest air possible for the engine. It acts as a cold air intake system and can be used on any vehicle. Weapon R’s secret weapon intake is their version of a cold air intake system that is applicable for certain vehicles. These intake systems are specific to each engine and provide the most air possible. This intake is available for over 250 vehicles. Weapon R intake manifolds and intercooler pipes are also produced. These performance parts will add a nice touch the vehicle’s engine bay.

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