See How Go Rhino Custom Truck Parts Can Improve Your Exterior Profile

A wide range of Go Rhino accessories are designed for pickup trucks. Many of their parts are used for protection, utility, and even style. There is not just one type of driver who uses their equipment, as motorists who span different lifestyles apply Go Rhino accessories for different parts of their vehicles.

People looking for front-end toughness usually choose a steel grille guard. This is a common upgrade for truck owners and Go Rhino makes several different kinds. They offer a full setup including brush guards for those looking for a complete shield for their truck’s face. For drivers who just want to protect the center there are steel guards meant specifically for this area. In this case, there are no brush guards and the steel perimeter is installed in a square formation to the front. One of the brand’s biggest sellers is the winch bumper guard. This behaves similarly to a standard grille guard but offers the ability to tow.

Perhaps the broadest range of Go Rhino accessories is the truck steps. These are either long or short steel bars that are located right under the frame of the truck to provide easier access inside the vehicle. There are various categories of Rhino sidesteps with features that are intended for many truck styles. The Dominator series showcases sidesteps with two grip points for extra traction. There is a non-slip surface on both the pad and bar. The objective is to provide comfort regardless of what kind of footwear you have on. It also helps that like most Go Rhino accessories, there is steel construction for additional strength to support multiple passengers entering the vehicle simultaneously.

One of the biggest attributes you might come across with Go Rhino nerf bars is their shape. Most are a one piece design (not counting installation brackets and hardware). A single unit offers two main benefits. The first is that it is significantly easier to install, especially when using factory mounting locations. The other is that a one piece bar displays more structural integrity. This is an important factor for those who use their trucks in a work capacity. Situations such as reaching into the truck bed to secure cargo or tying an object to the roof are made easier because the bar will not bend due to the weight.

Another primary trait is their length. You can select side steps that run from wheel to wheel or just for the front doors. This option is often predicated upon the body style of the truck. Vehicles with a crew cab are often outfitted with full length steps simply because of the wheelbase.

Moving on from step pads is another division of Go Rhino accessories and that is bed bars. These bars are installed in the bed of the truck and provide two separate services. With bed mounts, you can configure a rack system that extends to the back of the cab up towards the roof. Once your bars are in place, you can purchase a light strip that holds several auxiliary or off-road lights. Their other function is to enact a location in the back of the truck that you can secure cargo to. The bars are made of 3” steel tubing, so they can handle both the weight of your light strip as well as the cargo that is tied to them.

Similar but configured in a different manner is the Xtreme truck rack. Unlike bed bars which require drilling into the bed, the xtreme rack uses a truck’s stake pocket holes. It is also more compact and made up of five main sections: Two uprights, two corner tubes, and one cross bar. With this rack, it is easy to mount lights on top because the cross bar has pre-drilled holes for you to insert them right in. That it is easy to install and lightweight makes it one of the more popular Go Rhino accessories on the market.

The company sticks with a set of core finishes for their products. For most Go Rhino accessories you can choose between black powder coat, polished steel, and chrome. Items such as the Xtreme racks are also available with a silver finish. One more key point to mention is installation. Regardless of what custom truck parts you are interested in, a lengthy install process is not a major concern. Many of their products can be applied without having to make significant modifications to your vehicle. You also will not have to worry about purchasing bolts and washers. All Go Rhino accessories come with any requisite hardware you need plus instructions.

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