See Better, Keep Your Windshield Cleaner – Simple, Right?

Offering both front-end style and improved protection, the Lund Shadow Wiper Cowl brings up the profile of any truck or SUV. Large vehicles come in contact with roadside debris and other distractions more often than sedans. Therefore, the windshield wipers are exposed to more dangers. What a shadow wiper cowl does is provide a layer of reinforced security over the blades so they are shielded from damage due to the elements. Overexposure to moisture, leaves, and even bugs can eventually take a toll. Installing a shadow wiper cowl is an easy way to keep those blades fresh and functional while punctuating the area with a custom touch.

It is common with full-size vehicles. The larger the wiper blades, the more issues there are. Lund wiper guards are intended to eliminate a lot of the frequent issues drivers experience. Residing in a damp climate causes premature rust in certain areas of your truck, even the windshield wipers. This does not happen as easily with Lund wiper guards. Instead, the area is given low-profile awning that greatly reduces moisture. They also work when it comes to muck and mud. Lund wiper guards prevent the buildup of dirt before it becomes a problem. That is what makes them popular for off-road vehicles. And if they should become caked with dirt, Lund wiper guards can be cleaned off quickly.

Another reason why drivers enjoy them is because of their look. Lund truck wiper cowls add a stylish expression to a section of the truck that is most often left empty. This is aided by the material. Lund truck wiper cowls are molded from a specialized polymer. While this material is very durable and strong, it also lends itself to exterior styling. The polymer elicits an almost gleaming visual. Given a sleek dark grey color, Lund truck wiper cowls bring a classy contrast to the rugged nature most big vehicles are known for.

The installation process is very simple. For most models you can secure the truck windshield wiper guards to the back of the hood with double-sided 3M adhesive. Certain trucks may require using screws. Inquire prior to ordering. Each custom truck cowl comes backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

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