Seal It, Peel It, and Protect Your Truck Bed

One of Lund’s most popular products, the Genesis seal & peel tonneau cover brings improved defense to your truck bed. The key is in the design. There are no buttons or straps. The Genesis seal & peel tonneau cover is a simple unit that opens and closes quickly. Similar to Ziplock, the inside perimeter of the cover mates with grooves that rest on the rails. Instead of snaps or a zipper, the seal and peel closure system works twice as fast providing the same level of security. This comes in handy in all types of situations, especially during inclement weather. The Genesis seal & peel tonneau cover is the preferred choice for truck owners with a busy lifestyle.

In addition to the efficiency, there is also a stouter brand of security. Truck beds require toughness. The Lund seal and peel tonneau is intended to stop both precipitation and debris from entering. When closed, the cover is impenetrable. The tarp seals tightly to the sides. Also, the fabric is extremely durable. The Lund seal and peel tonneau is made of “threaded” vinyl. On the top surface is black vinyl. On the underside are woven threads for added strength. Rain, snow, and even wet leaves cannot penetrate the surface of the Lund seal and peel tonneau. Extreme changes in temperature will not cause expansion or contraction, either.

There are other benefits aside from the protection. The Lund vinyl bed cover brings a more aerodynamic profile. When closed, there is less wind resistance during travel. Over time, that can add up. Improved fuel mileage is not uncommon for trucks outfitted with a Lund vinyl bed cover. Another part of the equation is the visual. There is a sleeker look. Installing a Lund vinyl bed cover initiates a more custom presence. Finished in black, it offers a stark contrast to a truck’s body color. That is why Lund vinyl bed covers are seen as a fashion upgrade as well as a protective measure.

Installation should not take too long. No drilling or further modifications are necessary. The black vinyl tonneau cover uses clamps that connect to the rails. Overall, installation should take 30-45 minutes. And they are built to last. Each custom truck bed cover comes backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

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