Safety First: SRC Roll Cages Hang Tough

Nothing is more important than safety, which is what SRC roll cages are designed for. Staying secure in your Jeep is the only thing that matters. It is crucial any Jeep cage kit you use demonstrates strength and quality that you can depend on. Off-road drivers know this better than anyone. SRC roll cages are manufactured to display extreme toughness along with an accurate fit.

Keeping upright in your Jeep is always the goal. But in case of a roll-over, you need security that is going to keep you protected from injury. With a Smittybilt roll cage, your Jeep Wrangler is better-suited to face the outdoors than ever before. A key reason is how it is designed. Smittybilt roll cages are made of reinforced steel and attach to your OEM roll bar. This allows for an easy installation. The Jeep cage kit features Smittybilt’s Knuckle System, which employs a pivot and fasten system. There is a pivot on one end of the tubing and fasteners on the other.

In addition, there is an element of comfort available. Jeep cage kits sport tubed front grab handles. It is a convenient touch passengers enjoy when off-roading. Main bars have padding for front seat occupants, as well. The best part is it does not matter what kind of top you have. Smittybilt Jeep cage kits are compatible with virtually all aftermarket or OEM tops, and are available in 5, 6, and 7 piece configurations.

If you go doorless and topless to show off, you will appreciate the finish. Smittybilt SRC cage kits are given a satin black powder-coat that is backed by a 5 year limited warranty. No drilling is required for installation. However, you may have to remove the covering for your roll bar when fitting in your Wrangler roll cage.

There is also high quality material. Smittybilt uses a special type of steel to promote extra strength. Each SRC roll cage is made of .120 (wall thickness) 1020 DOM tubing. DOM (drawn over mandrel) is a type of steel tubing that uses a mandrel to shape the steel for a more precise fit as well as a higher tolerance for weight. This material makes Smittybilt roll cages one of the strongest in the Jeep aftermarket industry.

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