Run With Ksport Coilovers for a Comfy Yet Aggressive Ride

Using coilovers from Ksport will give your vehicle an adjustable ride height along with improved comfort and control. Their adjustable coilovers also reduce body roll and are perfect for both daily driving and all-out performance racing. Ksport produces over 5 different types of these products that all do the same job, but come with a few different qualities that set them apart.

Ksport provides the latest in suspension technology through their constant research and engineering. Their coilovers all have the unique orange color that makes Ksport stand out from the rest. From the Kontrol Pro all the way up to the extreme Version DR coilover kit, Ksport has finely tuned them for each specific application and style of driving so you can benefit the most. Riding on a Ksport suspension would make you think you are in a completely different vehicle.

Some of Ksport suspension components are designed to reduce quarter mile times since they will decrease the chances of nose dive. Nose dive is a major culprit for those who have drag vehicles and it can be difficult to avoid. Ksport has engineered their components to be stiff enough to avoid this but still provide some comfort for the driver. Other types of driving that needs a stiff suspension is track and rally racing. They also design some components that have adjustable damping ability to the driver can set the ride stiffness to soft or firm.

All of Ksport products are also corrosion protected so they will last extremely long. All suspension parts take a daily beating from all types of road conditions and need to be made from quality materials that can withstand these things.

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