Rubberized Coil Spring Insulators Reinforce Springs, Add Cushioning

Superior cushioning is what KYB coil spring insulators are all about. The symbol for a healthy suspension lies in the springs. It is where your vehicle’s weight is distributed and it is also what cuts down on a lot of the noise that could potentially find its way in to the cabin. KYB coil spring insulators are to be used as a replacement for the original factory part that has been worn down. Featuring a perfect fit and tougher material, your suspension will pick up where it left off at the assembly line.

What most drivers are wary of is fitment. That is because some replacement coil spring seats may appear a little larger than the OEM. KYB gets all of their manufacturing specs from the factory. This gives them the ability to create replacement coil spring seats that match your exact vehicle. A precise fit is necessary not just due to the relationship within the shocks but also because of weight. The KYB coil spring insulators are designed to accommodate the weight distribution of your car’s body style. Their shape and measurements are rendered to persevere through the spring placement in all driving conditions.

Of course, another element at play is the material. Durability is paramount when it comes to replacement coil spring seats. The OEM uses a lower grade rubber that is soft and nice for damping sound, but it quickly wears out. When there are two different materials in continuous contact with each other, the tougher material will win; in this case, metal. KYB uses a specialized automotive rubber for all of their replacement coil spring seats. This rubber is not only much stronger than the one the automaker uses, but it is also better resistant to heat.

The one attribute car owners want out of suspension spring insulators is quiet. If you polled ten different drivers, perhaps nine of them would choose less noise as their most desired suspension quality. Once again, the rubber KYB spring seats are made of is responsible for that. When the springs decompress over rough or bumpy roads, there are no sharp knocks or grinding. And since they can handle all road surfaces, vibration is also significantly reduced.

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