Retro Style: Lund Oval Nerf Bars Are an Interesting Change of Pace

Truckers who use Lund oval nerf bars do so for the toughness as much as for the look. It is a departure from the norm. Most running boards are rectangular and the width and depth are fairly standardized. This is a different kind of customization. Lund oval nerf bars offer a smoother overall shape that contours to the sides of your truck. It does not matter what size hauler you drive, either. The appearance and function stay the same. You can install Lund oval nerf bars on a wide line of trucks and get a similar effect. They come in handy for all vehicle sizes. An easier step up as well as a distinct, retro appeal separate these sidesteps from the rest.

They are not exactly ovalular. That is because oval running boards come in different options. The shape a driver might choose is contingent on the size of the truck, the overall look, and their lifestyle. Oval running boards come in straight, curved, and bent. The curved version resembles a very narrow surfboard, as the ends edge up slightly. Bent oval running boards are not too different. However, the ends are squared off instead of rounded, unlike the curved option. Straight oval running boards are the most direct look of the three. These are basically rectangular, although the step pads do retain an elongated oval shape.

What all three types of Lund oval sidesteps have in common is resiliency. There is greater density on the inside of the bars where you would put your feet. They have a higher level of structural integrity. Plus, Lund oval sidesteps are made of heavy duty aluminum. Aluminum construction offers a couple of prime benefits. First, it makes the Lund oval sidesteps lightweight yet strong. Secondly, it adds to the finish in terms of both appearance and protection. You get a nice shine to go with your truck’s exterior. It also makes Lund oval sidesteps better at resisting rust and corrosion.

Three main sizes are available – 4”, 5”, and 6”. The bigger the truck, the longer the set of oval tube steps you should choose. In most cases, installation is simple. Drilling is rarely required but it depends on the vehicle and if OEM holes are already present. All custom nerf bars come with instructions and hardware.

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