Resonator Middle Pipes Unleash Extra Horses

Upgrading your exhaust system with an Invidia resonator midpipe is a quick way to unlock some additional performance potential. This is not the type of aftermarket exhaust modification that the everyday driver is interested in. Invidia resonator midpipes are designed to help your exhaust system flow freer in order to increase horsepower. In addition to the extra kick in velocity, the added benefits of an Invidia resonator midpipe include more torque and a fierce yet unique exhaust tone.

An exhaust resonator midpipe acts as a direct replacement for the OEM mid pipe, which resides between the catalytic converter and muffler. There are several differences between an Invidia mid pipe and the factory pipe. Factory car exhaust systems hold back exhaust flow much more so than is necessary. Stock pipes within the system can be narrow or have too many bends. Too many bends means air is being squeezed through a tighter space. An Invidia exhaust resonator midpipe comes in two different widths: 60mm and 70mm. They are also shaped to minimize the amount of bends per pipe. This is how an exhaust resonator midpipe ushers exhaust out quicker and more effectively.

When exhaust is freed up and distributed out systematically, horsepower increases along with torque. Many drivers want to know how much more HP is an Invidia mid pipe responsible for. There is no single answer because there are other variables involved such as how old the car is, what other type of mods are installed, and so forth. Most dyno tests conclude that the maximum gain from a turbo mid pipe is approximately 3-5 horsepower. The biggest effect is within the sound of the exhaust. Once installed, an Invidia mid pipe unleashes a searing note that is very different from how the car sounded previously.

Invidia mid pipes are stainless steel, not iron like most OEM midpipe units. A lot of aftermarket midpipes are cut and shaped out of aluminum, which is easier to dent and more vulnerable. A stainless steel exhaust mid pipe will show a higher level of strength while being able to maintain a cleaner finish.

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