Replacing a Clutch? SPEC Offers Choices Worth Looking At

If you are looking for a replacement clutch for your daily driver or high performance vehicle, Spec clutch has what you need. They specialize in both performance clutches for cars with minimal performance upgrades and cars with extremely high performance upgrades like superchargers and turbo chargers. The Spec clutch kit is available in over 5 different designs that can handle insane amounts of torque if that is what you need. The clutch and driveline plays a crucial role in getting your power to the wheels and a Spec clutch kit will do this job even better.

As long as you select the proper Spec clutch kit for your application, it will last you longer than any other clutch kit your money can buy. All Spec clutch components are heat-treated so they can handle the necessary temperatures associated with quick shifts and high speeds. All of their products are manufactured on-site so when you buy a Spec clutch, you know you are receiving a quality part that is not put together by another country.

Price is always a concern these days and the Spec clutch kit is no exception. Their affordable auto parts nearly beat out the competition and are also very cost-effective for the job that they do. Whether you need a Stage 1 clutch kit, Stage 5 clutch kit or a Spec aluminum flywheel, their prices will almost always beat out OEM products.

OEM clutches also do not last as long as a Spec clutch kit does, and they are not designed to handle additional performance enhancements like superchargers. When power is added to the engine, it must then be transferred through the clutch and driveline and then to the wheels. This power cannot be transferred if the automotive clutch is not capable of handling it. It will heat up way too fast and warp, which will then destroy the clutch and flywheel, making for a huge headache.

Each Spec clutch kit must be used with a Spec flywheel as well. This allows the clutch and driveline to work flawlessly without any hiccups. If you were to match a different flywheel with the Spec clutch, it would not align properly and would not shift properly either. Spec offers their flywheels in either steel or aluminum for both strength purposes and lightweight purposes.

If the single disc Spec clutch kit is not enough to fit your needs, then perhaps the Spec multi-disc clutch is better for you. Their multi-disc clutches are for vehicles with extreme horsepower that want the clutch to perform well on the street and drag strip. It can handle the added power without having a harsh engagement. Full-race clutches put more wear on the leg than clutches not designed to handle extreme power. The multi-disc clutch combines both full-race power handling capabilities along with a soft pedal feel so your leg will not wear out.

Installation is also much easier with a Spec clutch kit due to the fact that they include an alignment tool with each one of their kits. Aligning the clutch kit is essential to how it performs and operates. A single fraction off and the clutch will become destroyed within a few shifts. Once installed, the Spec clutch gives you a better driving experience while being able to handle your engine’s power.

Each Spec clutch kit is vehicle specific, which also makes selecting it much easier. Every Spec clutch is designed for your exact year, make and model so you do not have to do any guessing. The clutch and driveline components go through rigorous testing to ensure they will last long and handle the power that they are rated for. The Spec clutch kit is available for many different types of vehicles including trucks, cars and SUVs.

Specializing in just clutch and driveline components, they have perfected their craft and continue to provide both the OEM and aftermarket with quality clutches and flywheels. If the Spec clutch kit is used correctly and properly broken in, it will provide you with many years of enjoyment due to its strength and heat-treated components. If the Spec clutch kit is used under extreme conditions before it is broken in, the clutch disc will warp and wear out prematurely.

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