Replace Your Wiper Blades with Pilot’s Higher Quality Options

We’ve all been there. It’s dark out, the rain is pounding, and it seems like you can’t see six inches in front of your car. And it doesn’t even matter that your headlights are piercing through the storm, the rain is heavy enough to where your OEM windshield wipers are hardly keeping up. This is a problem that needs solving. Enter Pilot Automotive Wiper Blades. Pilot Wipers offer a top-quality answer for drivers who are tired of their stock wiper blades not performing up to task. Available in every size for just about every vehicle on the road, Pilot Windshield Wipers range in size from 16″ all the way to 24″ (16″ wipers fit 17″ windshields; 24″ blades fit 25″ windshields). The fit is universal and the best part is that Pilot Wiper Blades last and last and last, unlike lower-quality wipers many drivers (unfortunately) choose as replacements.

What sets Pilot Windshield Wipers apart from other manufacturers rests in their design and materials. Pilot Wiper Blades feature an ultra-tough natural rubber which sweeps away raindrops and other precipitation without grinding down on the glass. Plus, the specialized contoured airfoil prevents the blade from causing streaks and lifting at higher speeds. Despite being custom wiper blades, Pilot Wipers are a universal fit and simple to attach in seconds. You also have a wide assortment of colors and styles available including chrome, stainless steel, brushed aluminum, black, Arista carbon fiber, red, yellow, white, blue… you name it, we’ve got it. It doesn’t matter what type of car, truck, or SUV you drive: Pilot Windshield Wipers are a great choice for every driver. Check out our selection today to find the wiper blades that are perfect for your vehicle!

UltraRev is here with a terrific collection of Pilot Wipers in a whole host of styles and colors. We know that everyone from sports compact drivers bent on performance to the folks who climb in and out of heavy-duty pickup trucks all day need top-quality windshield wipers. UltraRev offers the kind of variety guaranteed to meet your demands. Shop our online store today to find the pair that makes the most sense for your ride.

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