Remotely Control Suspension Height and Dampening the Tein Way

The ultimate and most advanced way of adjusting your TEIN coilovers is using their electronics like the TEIN EDFC and TEIN EDFC active. Each of these systems allows the driver to control the height and dampening of the coilovers to make on-the-go adjustments that require the use of no hardware or tools. There are also many presets and settings users can tune the EDFC remote for quick and immediate adjustments.

TEIN electronics use a remote control that is wired directly to each coilover so you can lower, raise and adjust the dampening of each one separately. The remote control is also very sleek and can be mounted anywhere inside the vehicle for your convenience. The controller is also illuminated so it is extremely easy to see at night and you can make your TEIN suspension adjustments whenever you need to, even in the pitch black.

The TEIN EDFC active kit is a step up from the basic EDFC and automatically adjusts the damping force while driving using a built-in G-sensor. Damping force can also be adjusted using the optional GPS kit which is adjust based on the speed that the car is going. This technology from TEIN is what sets their coilovers apart from the rest and makes them the go-to setup for complete user-control.

Hooking up each of these TEIN electronics is simple as well and can be done when you install your coilovers. The motor drive units of the EDFC active kit are actually controlled wirelessly so there is no troublesome wiring that needs to be done. The only thing you need to actually wire is the remote control to 12 volts in order to get your power.

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