Reliable, Powerful GrimmSpeed Catted Downpipes Boost Flow and Performance

Increasing your Subaru’s turbocharged presence with a GrimmSpeed catted downpipe makes a big difference. You will notice a freer, more energetic brand of horsepower thanks to all that loosened-up exhaust flow. A lot of drivers will use a GrimmSpeed catted downpipe as part of a complete customized setup or even by itself with just a catback. However you choose to use yours, the result is still the same – an added punch that was not there previously. You can find GrimmSpeed catted downpipes for Subaru WRX, STI, and XT models. Be sure to check our listings for your specific model year.

In years past, aftermarket racing downpipes were hard to find. They were either fabricated underground or they were foreign parts not guaranteed to work. Times have changed and now, aftermarket racing downpipes are accessible for all Subaru performance loyalists. GrimmSpeed specializes in both catless and catted versions, depending on your needs. Most drivers who choose aftermarket racing downpipes only run their vehicles on tracks or appropriate road courses. The reason for that is due to emission standards. In many states, an aftermarket racing downpipe is intended for off-road use only because it replaces the stock catalytic converter.

It is a multi-step process. Grimmspeed down pipes take away the OEM cat due to exhaust flow restriction. Because exhaust gases are filtered out by the catalytic converter, they are forced to hit a detour instead of just being allowed to exit. A Grimmspeed down pipe not only removes the stock cat’s interference, it boosts overall flow with wider, 3” diameter tubing. That results in greater airflow for your racing exhaust system to draw from. Plus, your car can still filter out some of those harmful fumes. Grimmspeed downpipes that are catted come with a catalyst so you can be kind to the environment.

For your OEM sensor, each part comes with both a wideband and secondary O2 bung. This saves you from having to install them following your purchase. Catted down pipes also come with a 2-bolt flange on the outlet to make mating to just about any catback exhaust no problem at all. All GrimmSpeed Subaru performance parts are crafted and assembled in the USA.

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