RA’s MSpec Flaps Do the Dirty Work So Your Ride Doesn’t Have To

The primary purpose to Mspec mud flaps is to provide a large amount of coverage. What kind of driver needs this type of coverage? Drivers who participate in off-road races, rally cross, and the rest. Mspec mud flaps play an important role in not only keeping your car clean, but also in protecting it for the long term. The road carries with it many potential hazards. Rocks, mud, pebbles, gravel, and even snow can contribute damage. Installing a set of Mspec mud flaps helps shield the wheel wells and fenders areas, preserving the exterior. It is a combination of high grade materials and expert design that make Rally Armor Mspec flaps a critical upgrade for performance enthusiasts.

Material is what makes this product stand out the most. Rally Armor Mspec flaps are comprised of urethane, not rubber. The difference urethane makes is incomparable. Its main attribute is consistency. Whether it is freezing cold out or there is stifling heat, the Rally Armor Mspec flaps will demonstrate the same degree of flexibility. You will not have to worry about fracturing due to freezing temps. Also, the tractability Rally Armor Mspec flaps feature allows you to come off of inclines and curbs without them getting stuck and ripping off.

As for size, Mspec splash guards only come 11”x19”. If you feel compelled to trim for size, you can but use caution. Employing equipment that will produce a straight cut is recommended. A razor knife or box-cutter may result in uneven edges around the sides of the Mspec splash guards. However, for larger vehicles such as trucks or SUVs, it is suggested to leave them as is if purchased for off-roading. The Mspec splash guards deliver a high amount of coverage without clearance issues, which is why they come in handy for these types of vehicles.

Installation is different depending on vehicle. For sport compact cars, trimming may be necessary due to size and clearance. Currently, hardware does not come with the universal urethane mud flaps. For a successful install, the pieces will require screws and washers. Certain wheel wells may benefit from brackets if the inside edge is too narrow. Motorsport Spec splash guards come in either red or black.

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