Rally Armor’s 500 Splash Guards Keep Fiats Looking Strong

The main reason why Fiat 500 mud flaps were developed by Rally Armor is pretty simple: demand. After an unprecedented amount of requests from 500 owners, RA had no choice but to include options for this super sub-compact. And ever since, the brand’s line flaps designed specifically for the 500 has been one of the more popular in the industry. Everything comes together inside of the design. A precise fit and improved defense to the underside of the vehicle are the main benefits. However, Fiat there is also a hint of aggressive style. Thanks to a sleek OEM-style fit, your tires have a customized hood to peek through.

Drivers bent on performance mostly use splash guards to balance out the car’s clearance. Even without being lowered, this is a vehicle that is close to the ground. Whether or not you have aftermarket wheels, protecting the area appropriately can be a crucial issue. Pulling away from curbs and/or cruising down gravelly roadways can lead to damage. If not the wheel wells, then the fenders. If not the fenders, then the rims. Hooking up with a set of flaps can go a long way towards shoring up each section that is left vulnerable. Plus, they make cleaning easier. Mud, slush, and ice are kept away from the body. And when they are dirty, RA 500 splash guards are a cinch to rinse off.

There is not just one choice available. Rally Armor 500 mud flaps come in urethane (custom fit) and universal. For rally cross lovers, the urethane option is a must. Known as the UR series, these bad boys are flexible and lightweight. They will also not get caught up in debris or coming off of inclines. Weather is not a problem, either. The mud flaps will not change shape or lose their pliability in sub-zero temps. That also means they will not fracture or curl. In addition, the UR series is designed to fit your vehicle perfectly. This is critical when it comes to clearance off of the ground and mounting locations inside the wheel well.

Universal 500 mud guards fit with a little more freedom, allowing you to trim where you desire. The installation is slightly different. You will have to drill into these guards because there are no pre-set holes. If you have the time (and tools) it is a doable procedure. If not, don’t be afraid to go to your local shop and see what they have to say. You could always call us, as well, and we will be happy to walk you through it!

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