Rally Armor Offer Molded Protection Other Mud Flaps Don’t Have

RA Molded Mud Flaps

Rally Armor developed molded mud flaps in order to present a more conforming fit. See how that works? No straight, rigid hard rubber dangling from your wheels. No unnecessary contact. And most importantly, no worry about cracking in extreme cold. Better shape + better fit = better protection.

Inside of the wheel wells are uneven contours. There are lines and the surface in many cars bows out. Standard mud guards do not adhere to these contours, but rather, hang from the mounting location. While this is not a disadvantage, the look isn’t clean. Molded mud flaps fit right over the uneven surface as if they were designed by your OEM. The result is a sleeker fit that is stable and attractive. There is also less worry about forcible contact. Once in place, molded mud flaps will stay put regardless of driving conditions.

Several roadside advantages make this product a popular choice for sport compact drivers. When it comes to riding on an off-road course, Rally Armor OE classics enact stiff protection. The reason is simple: less space between the flap(s) and wheel well for debris to get through. Since the Rally Armor OE classics fit tightly to the surface, sediment and dirt cannot become packed in. This comes in handy especially with moisture. If you are going mudding, you won’t have to worry about cleaning out the mud in back of the Rally Armor OE classics. They are sealed on tightly, resulting in less maintenance.

Another benefit is what Rally Armor uses as material. Instead of generic rubber, Rally Armor uses plastic polymer. This material enables the guards to have enough pliability to “flap” when pulling off a curb and enough toughness to defend against debris. In the event there is contact with rocks or sticks, the polymer deflects the debris without taking damage.

The most important facet to molded splash guards is the protection they offer. Because of the increased coverage your wheel wells, fenders, and panels are better defended. Even in cases of intense precipitation, the sides of your car will take on less snow or slush. For drivers who reside in a wintry climate, molded splash guards make a big difference.

Not every car is eligible for this upgrade. OE classic flaps are made for a limited number of models. This includes the Impreza WRX hatchback. Eventually, more and more models will become available.

Light drilling may be necessary for installation. In some instances you will need to drill into the Rally Armor custom splash guards (but not the vehicle). Consult the instructions before proceeding.

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