Racers Know the SPEC Stage 5 Clutch Is the Leader of the Pack

The strongest of performance clutches is the Spec Stage 5 clutch. This full-race clutch is designed for extremely high powered vehicles that operate at high speeds. It is not designed to be used off the track or drag strip because of its harsh engagement and is very tough on the driver’s leg. Heat-treated for durability, this Spec clutch kit will last longer and get your power to the wheels better than any other clutch kit.

Owners should take caution when selecting this performance clutch kit because it is not for everyone. Its rough engagement can be difficult at times, but the Spec Clutch stage 5 kit will be able to handle your vehicle’s power. It is designed for cars that have extreme power additions like built engines and turbo chargers that are putting out a lot of boost. Using a lower stage Spec clutch kit on a vehicle that needs the Stage 5 will destroy the clutch disk and cause problems for the clutch and driveline.

The full-metallic clutch disc included with the Spec clutch kit is designed to handle the power better than semi-metallic disc or Kevlar disc. Utilizing a Spec flywheel will also allow the power to be transferred even better and is a perfect match for any of the Spec clutch kits. OEM flywheels are not able to work with any Spec clutch and the owner will have to upgrade to either a Spec steel flywheel or a Spec aluminum flywheel, depending on what they are looking for.

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