Racecars Use CSF Radiators for More Endurance

The success of CSF Radiators is due to the high efficiency core that is used in their race products. The cores are designed to maximize airflow and heat dissipation so the engine can remain at a normal operating temperature. CSF makes them from aluminum which allows the vehicle to shed some weight and become a little quicker. Race cars are always looking for areas in which they can lose some pounds.

CSF uses “B-tube” technology which is much different than your regular OEM design. This allows CSF to use thinner and lighter material which is the main reason for a decrease in weight. Thinner aluminum has a much better cooling efficiency than heavy metal or some other type of material. The “B-tube” design is also stronger than a typical core which makes them the go to heat exchanger for so many users.

Your engine will appreciate when you supply it with a CSF part. Your high performance vehicle needs a component it can rely on during those high speed operations and CSF never fails to do so. CSF Radiators are not just a marketing gig to get you to buy them because they actually have proven technologies that have performed well on all types of vehicles. Their radiator cores are among the strongest in the industry and the reason why engines last longer.

All of their cores are made in-house to ensure quality and performance. After CSF cooling system parts are put together, they go through rigorous testing to make sure there will not be any leaks or defects when your product arrives. The fins also play a huge role in helping the CSF part with cooling.

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