Race Exhaust Headers and How They Work

What an Invidia exhaust manifold header offers is a boost in horsepower, torque, and improved throttle time. Drivers will replace their stock header with an Invidia exhaust manifold header to supplement their turbocharged motors or to simply improve the overall exhaust system. Factory exhaust headers demonstrate restriction that does not allow air to travel freely to exit the manifold. With the air and gases not given a loose pathway to flow through, performance is not only hindered, but fuel efficiency can be compromised, as well.

The Invidia exhaust manifold header is a direct replacement over an OEM header with its goal being to allow exhaust gases to evacuate the engine bay more easily. When the engine is being hosted in an environment that allows air to flow with less restriction, the engine breathes easier, which is what unlocks hidden horsepower. However, most niche performance vehicles are not compatible with just any turbo exhaust manifold. This is due to distinctive sizing and OEM part constraints. Invidia exhaust headers feature an equal-length design and are manufactured to fit the cars they are designed for perfectly using the OEM brackets and sensors.

Unlike many race exhaust headers that only use steel in sections, Invidia exhaust headers are comprised entirely of stainless steel in a one-piece design. It is a complete steel exhaust manifold that is robotically TIG-welded. This style of welding is not only more efficient, but promotes a much higher level of sturdiness than traditional welds and sports a smoother finish for both fitment and looks. The welding points on Invidia exhaust headers are smooth with no crimping or surface defects.

The benefits of an Invidia steel exhaust manifold are evident fairly quickly but not pronounced until the car is up to speed. There is debate as to how much more horsepower is actually available with a performance manifold header. The number usually depends on the vehicle being tested and the type of dynamometer used. Most testing averages say the amount gained with an Invidia steel exhaust manifold is between 10-20 HP. Because this part replaces a factory emissions control unit, it is intended only for regulated racing competition, car shows, and off-road demonstration.

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