Putting In a SPEC Clutch Requires Paying Attention

Installing your Spec clutch properly will allow you to keep the Spec clutch warranty and use the kit at its best performance. This kind of clutch installation is based on making sure the part is aligned, using new bolts if needed and making sure the flywheel is resurfaced if you are not using a Spec flywheel. These installation tips are to ensure that you can maintain your warranty and use the Spec clutch kit for what is it designed to do.

Clutch alignment is top of the list for installation purposes. A misaligned clutch will cause vibrations, however, it may be corrected the first time you depress the clutch if it is slightly off. Also, if it is completely misaligned, the transmission will not go back on. To correct this, use the Spec alignment tool that is included with every Spec clutch kit.

When removing and replacing your clutch and flywheel, it is best to check all bolts before reusing them. Overtime and from many uses, bolts will become weak and the threads become soft. If you have used the current clutch and driveline bolts more than once, they should be replaced so there will be no issues.

If you do not have a Spec aluminum or steel flywheel, then you need to make sure the current flywheel is resurfaced and free from any wear to ensure that the friction surface is perfect. Any defects on the surface and the Spec clutch kit will not perform correctly.

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