Protection Becomes Easier with Caliper Covers

The protection caliper covers offer is tough to beat

For some cars, caliper cover protection is highly recommended. If you have gone out and went through a lot of trouble to install chrome rims or simply have large wheels, chances are your calipers are exposed. Now, that might not seem like a big deal. After all, plenty of cars are out there rolling along with exposed rotors and they seem to be doing just fine, right? But if you are not an “ordinary” driver and like to go the extra mile in both exterior style and reinforcement, maybe looking at things a little differently isn’t a bad idea.

For many motorists, everything revolves around fashion. Putting on custom caliper covers from MGP is a common way to dress up the area. But there is more to this upgrade than meets the eye. It is also an underrated yet important concept for most performance enthusiasts. Defense against gravel and sediment is especially crucial when it comes to the wheels of your car.

It is as much about the material as it is their function. MGP caliper covers are made of special T6 aerospace aluminum. Unlike standard household aluminum, this material is recognized throughout the auto industry for its impressive strength and resistance to corrosion. It also demonstrates an ability to manage heat without absorbing it. They reduce the heat around the brakes and pistons, which can help prevent unnecessary wear to the area. For drivers who enjoy driving fast on large wheels, any type of heat reduction is very helpful. It is also one of the main reasons racers are quick to put a layer of aluminum over the calipers.

While temperature management is important, it is also vital to defend against dirt and dust. MGP caliper guards provide a stringent layer of security between the calipers and the elements. They help keep the wheels cleaner, as well. When a car is in motion and the wheels are spinning, substances from the road can find a way onto your wheels and exposed brake discs. What covers do best is stymie dust and dirt from building up. This is due to two factors. For one, the calipers are well-protected. And two, the finish of the caliper covers is resistant to dust accumulation.

These are parts that are custom to each vehicle and are not a universal upgrade. Painting is also not seen as a viable alternative to purchasing MGP caliper covers when it comes to protection. While a coating of paint will somewhat resist dirt, it is not as effective a durable, nearly-impenetrable shield crafted specifically for your vehicle.

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