Protecting Interiors with Truck Liners Makes Sense

Truck liners go the extra mile in interior protection

It doesn’t take much to fortify the floors inside your cab, just the right set of truck liners. The reason they work so well in your vehicle is because most truck cabs feature floors that have compressed lower side walls. The manufacturer’s mats seem to ride up or run off the sides near the door sills. That can be a problem. Husky truck liners purposefully cover the OEM carpet while defending the perimeter around it. This secures the truck’s floor with much more integrity than regular truck mats can, an important note to consider if you are constantly in and out of your vehicle during the day.

Of course –  defense against spills, mud, rocks, chemicals, and even boot scuffs is the order of the day. What allows these specific mats to be so strong is not just the material, but also the configuration. Husky liners have special “nibs” on the back that prevents them from sliding around. This way, when you ride over a speed bump and a drink spills, your mats stay right in place and ready to stop the liquid from oozing all over the interior.

Believe it or not, surfers and snowboarders are among the biggest consumers of truck liners. Makes sense, doesn’t it? Surfers track sand and saltwater in their vehicles sometimes 12 months a year, and that kind of exposure takes a heavy toll on factory carpeting. Snowboarders also have to drag their snow boots back into the cabin, leaving snow, sleet, and ice all over the place. These issues can wind up becoming a problem, especially with low-quality rubber OEM mats.

Truck floor liners for many people from all different walks of life are much more useful, if not necessary. Some drivers require extra protection inside their trucks and understand that it takes more of the interior floor being covered to feel confident. Husky is an excellent brand to trust, simply because, hey, this is what they do. This is the game they specialize in. And if it’s your truck we’re talking about, going with a brand that does nothing else but study ways to keep your cab neat and clean is a smart move.

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