Proper Brake Maintenance Begins With Quality Parts

There are numerous ways to keep your automotive brakes & rotors in check to maximize their life and provide your vehicle with the best performance possible. Brakes and rotors are the number one component that allows the heavy vehicle to slow down when needed. Things like worn brake pads, little to no brake fluid and worn rotors will decrease the performance of the vehicle’s braking system. Fluid and friction are the driving force behind slowing the vehicle down. Without either, there would be no automotive brakes.

Brake fluid is a main concern when keeping your system in check. When the brake pedal is pressed, brake fluid runs through the brake lines and squeezes the brake calipers. The brake calipers clamp onto the brake rotor, thus slowing the vehicle down. Keeping an eye on your vehicle’s brake fluid will promote proper braking at all times. If you are running low on brake fluid, you will notice it when braking. The vehicle will take a longer than-normal-time to slow down. If the fluid is too low, the car or truck may have difficulties even slowing down.

Making sure the pads are doing their job is second on the list. When the brake fluid clamps the brake caliper, the brake pad inside the caliper is applied to the rotor’s surface. Worn out brake pads make the brake pedal feel very soft and the pedal can sometimes hit the floor during hard braking. There are wear bars EBC brake pads that allow the user to identify how much life is left or if they need to be replaced. It is also recommended to choose the proper EBC brake pads when looking for replacements. The wrong brake pad will wear out extremely quick, or will not even provide any braking power.

Brake rotors are connected to the vehicle’s axle which connects a brake rotor on each side. There are 4 brake rotors on each vehicle, with most new vehicles utilizing disc brakes, and others drum brakes. Worn down rotors will not allow the brake pad to properly clamp its surface and slow down the vehicle. Upgrading to EBC rotors will provide the automobile with increased stopping power and last much longer. They can be had in cross drilled, slotted or blanks which are just like OEM. EBC rotors are designed to minimize brake dust to ensure their longevity.

Getting that fluid to the brakes and rotors is done through a series of lines. All vehicles from the factory come with rubber brake lines, which are cheap and mass made. The best brake lines available are made from stainless steel. Stainless steel brake lines can handle all types of weather conditions and will last forever. They do not corrode and protect against road debris like dirt and branches. Rubber brake lines can easily crack under pressure and inherit corrosion. Damaged brake lines will leak brake fluid, which will decrease stopping power.

EBC brake accessories are some of the best products to clean and care for your brakes & rotors. EBC Cleanstuff brake cleaner is the number one product in its class. Lots of dirt and debris build up on the calipers and rotors. EBC Cleanstuff is designed to get into small crevices and wash away these harmful contaminants. Too much dirt or debris will have a negative affect when using the brakes.

EBC brake fluid and an EBC brake fluid tester will make your life much easier as well. After a few years or driving, it is suggested to keep a constant eye on your brake fluid. The EBC brake fluid tester shows the condition of the brake fluid with a colored response. The color will let the user know the brake fluid’s status. EBC brake fluid comes in DOT 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. Each one is specific for a certain vehicle and should be chosen carefully. The wrong brake fluid will cause all sorts of headaches.

When changing various brake components, the brakes should be bled upon re-installation. This is to ensure that no air pockets are trapped inside the brake lines that could inhibit braking performance. The EBC brake bleeding kit is perfect for the average user who likes to work on the car themselves. It comes with full instructions and is fairly easy to do.

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