Prepare Better Using Tuff Country Shocks

Throwing on a pair of Tuff Country shocks prepares your truck for all types of terrain. With full-size vehicles, sensitivity to road surfaces is required. There are too many inconsistencies to contend with. Tuff country shocks were developed for big trucks to handle off-road landscapes as easily as smoothened blacktop. This comes down to as damping and sustainability. Tuff country shocks feature numerous components that make it happen, including a nitrogen gas charge that adds longevity as well as performance.

We will look at the nitrogen gas first. Most types of off-road shock absorbers use a hydraulic system, which has a well-known tendency to fade. The overriding issue with fade is that it happens even quicker on rocky surfaces. Tuff country shocks last a lot longer thanks to the gas charge. The amount of pressure is balanced towards the lift ratio of your truck, so premature fading is not an issue. That is why many full size trucks converted to mudding vehicles are installed with upgraded parts. They are a safe investment because once in place, a truck can be used on rocky topography for thousands of miles more than regular off-road shock absorbers.

The second point of interest is responsiveness. This is another advantage that comes from nitro truck shocks. There is no hitch in the valve because of its sensitivity. You will notice this when tumbling over a decline and coming down on a rock bed. The charged pressure in conjunction with the streamlined polyurethane bushings is how the Tuff Country components stiffen up the suspension at the point of impact. The result is less shaking and less excessive noise. Instead, the truck will respond with more cushioning. Ez ride twin shocks also dampen disruptive vibration.

There is a physical aspect that cannot be ignored. External composition plays a vital role in how these shocks are able to withstand abuse. It has a lot to do with the twin tube design. Monotube nitro truck shocks are more susceptible to damage due to the use of a single cylinder. If the outer housing takes abuse, there is no buffer to stand in the way. In other words, they will not last very long on a busy vehicle. Tuff Country options are much stronger. Aside from the reinforced suspension housing, the inner cylinder will still perform despite physical impairment.

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