Pop Into Gear: Short Shifters Can Deliver Response

Hit gears quicker. Halt lagging. With a GFB short shift kit, your car responds like it was meant to.  When it comes to maneuvering around in your turbocharged sled, the whole package has to be complete. You need proper boost, freer exhaust, and an agreeable trans. If you have all this working together, a short shift kit from Go Fast Bits can add the dynamic finishing touch you need. The intuitive response you are looking for cuts down on lag to give your car an edge on the racetrack. These kits are designed for both the WRX and STI to give Impreza turbo disciples an accurate replacement unit that improves upon the OEM shifting distances.

Each of the components GFB includes is manufactured and tuned with specificity. That includes the PSI in the springs as well as the linkage clamp(s). Impreza short shifters greatly reduce the distance between gears, resulting in faster shifts. This can be an advantage on the roadways but it comes in even handier during sanctioned competition. We’re talking a reduction in the ratio of gear changes, especially going from 3rd to 4th. You can also customize according to your preferences. One of the biggest attributes of a Go Fast short shifter is that it is completely adjustable.

Go Fast Bits cuts the distance by a large margin in both factory and other aftermarket shifters. Let’s start with the OEM STI. Stock STIs throw 40mm. With a Go Fast short throw kit, that number can be trimmed down to 22mm. Even the closest aftermarket competition only goes as low as 30mm. It depends on how you drive as much as the setup. Consistent racers usually prefer to shore up the distance when using a Go Fast short throw kit.

Another point of contention is the stick itself. In some Impreza shifters you may be required to modify the height of the stick. With this one, that isn’t required. You can keep the gearstick height at stock with all setups.

Installation is meant to be simple. Using the clamps takes away any lifting of the gearbox. The joints in the kit have three holes to set your starting points. Depending on your automotive acumen, installation can take as little as a half hour. Each GFB shifter package comes with detailed instructions.

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