Pilot Automotive Racing Seats Now Available

You’ve done everything you could think of to gear up your car. You put in a lot of work installing performance parts for extra horsepower and endurance. A new intake, a new driveshaft, a new exhaust system… you covered all the bases. But there is one thing missing, one item to complete the package. And it doesn’t matter if you are looking to take the checkered flag or just want to feel confident zooming around the freeway; this one thing is a near necessity. So what is it? Your seat! Serious drivers need serious parts and racing seats are no different. PilotAutomotive Racing Seats offer the streamlined support and comfort you need while also completing your car’s unique appearance. Pilot Universal Race Seats are preferred by competitive racecar drivers as well as everyday gearheads. The best part is that Universal Race Seats are designed to fit almost any vehicle, so you don’t have to own a roadster to get in on the action! Pilot Race Seats are available in black cloth, red/black cloth, blue/black cloth, and black leather.

Custom race seats have long been a popular upgrade for performance-minded drivers. There’s a reason for that.Racing Seats are different than OEM seats. Custom race seats are shaped and contoured to provide additional lumbar support, especially while maintaining an upright position. Most racing fans and racers themselves will tell you that the driver’s seat in a racecar is not reclined back into a lounge position. It is important to have your feet in a ready position for the gas and clutch (in a manual) and just as crucial for your hands to be close to the wheel and shifter. Factory seats might be adjustable, but they are usually padded for comfort and drivers sink in way too deep to maintain an active driving position. Custom racing seats are firmly padded to initiate both comfort and alertness. Pilot Automotive Racing Seats are adjustable for body types of all shapes and sizes. They are also bolstered for increased support. Safety is not a concern, either – Pilot Racing Seats feature seat-belt harness holes which make for an easy transition.

UltraRev caters to racers with our selection of performance car accessories and parts. Drivers from all backgrounds enjoy a racing-enthused style inside and out. If you want your own personal race car to fit the bill, a custom race seat puts the finishing touches on your ride.

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